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After Sales Service and Warranty

1. Pre-sale Service
We provide comprehensive consulting services for our customers before sales, and answer customer’s concerns. We will recommend the most suitable machinery for customers according to their actual work requirements, as well as provide detailed technical parameters and answer related technical questions. At the same time welcome the intention of the customers visit our factory. Some kind of machine we supply optional functions, so customers can choose the necessary one according to their own needs.
2. Warranty
Under normal use conditions, our mechanical machine warranty period is one year (consumer parts such as tires, hydraulic devices, connecting pipes, control switches, valves, meters, etc. are not covered by this warranty), as in normal use. During the warranty period, if there are quality problems with the main components, we can provide free spare parts. If the warranty period is exceeded, the customer needs to bear the cost of the spare parts themselves.

3. How to solve the problem
If there are some problems for the machine and make it cannot worked, we will have dedicated technical engineer to provide guidance in the form of remote telephone or remote video according to the customer feedback. If the problem still not be solved, after consultation with the customer we will send our technical engineer to the working site for maintenance, but 200USD daily subsidies for technical engineer, round-trip air tickets and local expenses will be paid by the customer.

4. Whether to provide the corresponding parts
If the customer needs to purchase the relevant parts of the machine, they can contact us directly and we will provide the relevant spare parts according to the machine model purchased by the customer.

5. Professional oil supply
If the customer needs to purchase the oil used in the machinery, it can also be purchased from our company, or we can recommend the corresponding oil brand and requirements that meet the requirements for the customer.

NOTE: We Reserved the right of final explanation