SD150 Surface DTH Drilling Rig

//SD150 Surface DTH Drilling Rig
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Project Description

SD150 Surface DTH Drilling Rig 

Hole Diameter(mm): 90-152

DTH Hammer(inch) : 3.5/4/5/

Drilling Pipes(mm):  ø76

Pull UP Force(kN): 37

Engine Output(kW): [email protected]

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Description of SD150 DTH Drilling Rig
With high tramming speed, compact size, advanced hydraulic system and efficient dust collection system, SD150 DTH Drilling RIG performs excellent in many applications, especially in construction works.

High Pull-up Force: Maximum pull up force is as big as 37kN, providing smooth drilling with less jamming.

Wide Rotation Speed Range: Wider rotation speed range can be applied to many different rock condition and hole sizes.

Safety: Many safety features such as emergency stop button, reverse alarm and working lights ensure the safe drilling.

Economical: Energy is saved by High Efficiency diesel engine

Efficiency: High productivity is achieved by LGMRT DTH hammers and bits.

sd150 dth drilling rig

Maneuverability: High tramming speed up to 3.5km/h, together with single grouser track and high ground clearance, make it possible to work smoothly in rough terrain.

sd150 surface dth drilling rig

Dust Collection: SD150 DTH Drilling rig equipped with Dual stage dust collection system offers best work environment for operators and dth drilling rig.

sd150 dth rock drilling rig

Electrics: SD150DTH Drilling rig adopt reliable IP67 socket connectors can be easily connected.

sd150 dth drilling rig

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Technical Parameters of SD150 DTH Drilling Rig

Technical Specifications SD150
Hole Diameter(mm) 90-152
DTH Hammer(inch) 3.5/4/5/
Drilling Pipes(mm) ø76
Starter Drilling Pipe Length(mm) 2000
Rotation Torque(Max.)(Nm) 2300
Rotation Speed(rpm) 0-140
Pull UP Force(kN) 37
Engine Output(kW) YUCHAI [email protected]
Tramming Speed(km/h) 3.5
Oscillation Angle(°) ±10
Ground Clearance(mm) 486
Dust Collector Standard,Dry,Dual Stage
Transport Length(mm) 6610
Transport Width (mm) 2240
Transport Height (mm) 2750
Weight(kg) 6800

Remarks:We reserve the right to alter the specification without notice。


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