MT 95 Surface Mining Truck

//MT 95 Surface Mining Truck
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Project Description

MT95 Surface Mining Truck

Curb Weight(kg): 32000

Payload(t): 60

Engine: WP12G460E310

Engine power(kw): 340

Engine capacity(L): 12

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MT95 Surface Mining Truck

With more than 40 years of professional R&D and manufacturing experience in construction machinery, the company combines the advantages of a wide-body mining vehicle with a rigid mining vehicle, injects high-reliability genes for construction machinery, and strives to build a 90-ton high-cost product that is highly conforming. User needs.

* Large-section reinforced flexible frame, the use of thick high-strength steel plate, high power, large tires, suitable for multiple working conditions, deep pits, complex roads.
* Double suspension structure with front suspension, strong bearing capacity and high reliability.
* Carton uses skeleton-type patented technology, using high-strength steel plate, strong and durable.
* Construction machinery technology, steering and lifting system confluence, full hydraulic steering, easy operation, low failure rate, high attendance.


Technical Parameters

Model MT95
Curb Weight(kg) 32000
Payload(t) 60
Engine WP12G460E310
Engine power(kw) 340
Engine capacity(L) 12
Gearbox FAST 7DS200K
Maximum torque(N.m) 2000
Gear number 7Forward+ 1Reverse
Maximum speed (rpm) 2600
Axle Load 25T+35T+35T
Tyre 16.00-25-36PR
Max. Speed(㎞/h) 44
Rock Dump Body Volume-heaped(m³) 33
Tailgate Type Dump Body Volume-heaped(m³) 32
Overall Dimension(LxWxH mm) 9080×3670×4140


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