MT 86H Surface Mining Truck

//MT 86H Surface Mining Truck
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Project Description

MT86H 55 tons Surface Mining Truck

Curb Weight(kg): 30000

Payload(t):  55

Engine: WD12G420E211

Engine power(kw): 310

Engine capacity(L): 12

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MT86H 55 Tons Surface Mining Truck

Trucks of this model are the knock-out products of Lingong Group which are the first model equipped with high-power engines in the industry and have been accepted by users after their launching on the market.

*They are suitable for large-scale mines with stable quality, affordable price, and high availability. They are all-round mine transport equipment and the most competitive star products in the industry.

* Anti-rolling cab, multi-level shock absorption, safe and comfortable.

* Wide machine, large cross-section frame, professional gearbox, large-tonnage drive axle.

* Construction machinery technology, steering and lifting system confluence, full hydraulic steering, easy operation, low failure rate, high attendance.

* Facilitate design, people-oriented

Technical Parameters

Model MT86H
Curb Weight(kg) 30000
Payload(t) 55
Engine WD12G420E211
Engine power(kw) 310
Engine capacity(L) 12
Gearbox FAST 7DS200K
Maximum torque(N.m) 2000
Gear number 7Forward+ 1Reverse
Maximum speed (rpm) 2600
Axle Load 20T+35T+35T
Tyre 14.00R25
Max. Speed(㎞/h) 44
Rock Dump Body Volume-heaped(m³) 31
Tailgate Type Dump Body Volume-heaped(m³) 30
Overall Dimension(LxWxH mm) 9070×3550×3960


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