Electrical Underground Mining Loader

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Project Description

Electrical Underground Mining Loader

Standard Specification: UL50E/UL70E/UL100E

Rated Load(kg): 4500-10000

Bucket Std.(m3): 2.2-4.3

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Electrical Underground Mining Loader

Designed for underground loading, hauling and dumping, our Electrical Underground Mining Loader is electrically driven with a tramming capacity from 5-10 tons, equipped with the advantages of easy operation, easy maintenance and high reliability; it can handle any harsh underground environment. Our Electrical Underground Mining Loader developed from the Sandvik LH series which has been widely used in North American and China, and has received widespread accolades from customers, thanks to its reliable performance and safety oriented design.

Cleaner and cooler mines

Eliminating diesel emissions means cleaner, cooler air in the mine, which will boost worker satisfaction and productivity while lowering ventilation costs.

Lower operational costs

Zero in-mine emissions means your need for underground ventilation is minimized. In the long run, reduced ventilation costs will equal a massive return on your investment.


High Reliability

Renowned and reliable hydraulic components are used, including PERMCO hydraulic pumps, EATON hydraulic hoses and REXROTH valves

DANA power train components.

Electrical Underground Mining Loader high reliable

Ergonomical Operation

All instruments, gauges and alarms are integrated into one control panel;

The positions of the steering wheel and the working lever are ergonomically designed;

The blind zone area is largely reduced thanks to the wider visual angle from the canopy.

Electrical Underground Mining Loader easy operating

Cable Protection

The adjustable, two phase cable system protects cable from being over reeled, leading to a prolonged lifetime of the cable;

The cable reel system is designed with a cable drum with a larger diameter that allows the reeled-in cable to have less stress from bending;

The special design of the cable reel ensures the dissipation of heat from the cable.

Electrical Underground Mining Loader cable protection

Technical Parameters of Electrical Underground Mining Loader

Standard Specification UL50E UL70E UL100E
Rated Load(kg) 4500 7000 10000
Bucket Std.(m3) 2.2 3.5 4.3
Length(mm) 7380 8790 9780
Width(mm) 1810 2200 2470
Height(mm) 2000 2290 2370
Weight without Load(kg) 13660 19500 27100
Remarks: We reserve the right to make further update to the content of the specification without prenotice.


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